How do I list a motorcycle on EagleShare?

Before you list your motorcycle 

You must have an EagleShare account to list a motorcycle. If you don't have one, please sign up now with a personal email address or your Facebook account, or Google account. To complete your account, you need to verify your email address and enter the verification code that is sent to the mobile number that you provided. 

Before you list your motorcycle, be sure it meets our eligibility requirements and maintenance and safety requirement. You must be at least 21 years old, have valid motorcycle insurance, and meet all legal and insurance standards and requirements in your region. 

Before you can list, you’ll have to get approved by EagleShare. We’ll ask for your name, home address, birthdate, host type (Private Owner or Commercial Owner), driver’s license and expiration date, and upload front and back images of your driver’s license.  

Listing your motorcycle 

When you’re listing your vehicle, you’ll be required to: 

  • Enter the Vehicle identification number (VIN). If you enter a VIN that matches the VIN of a vehicle already listed on EagleShare, you’ll be unable to list your vehicle. 
  • Enter the vehicle year, make, and model. 
  • Enter the vehicle license plate number and registration end date. Make sure your license plate is up to date and you enter it accurately. You can update the vehicle's license plate number any time in the Bike Details section of the vehicle settings. 
  • Upload photos of your current registration card/document and insurance card/document. 
  • Enter your motorcycle’s current odometer reading. 
  • Service records and damage & accident history are required only if your motorcycle is older than 2 years. 
  • Upload at least 4 images from different angles with the entire bike in a photo frame: front, ¾ front, side, and rear. 
  • We recommend you upload landscape pictures to avoid images being cropped. 
  • Set your daily listing price, multi-day discounts, limits on mileage use, and late return penalty if applicable. 
  • Set the working hours availability, and the minimum number of rental days along with a maximum number of rental days per booking. 
  • List any customizations that your bikes may have. 
  • Write a detailed description of your motorcycle in your own words to potential renters to learn why they should choose your motorcycle. 
  • Enter any additional guidelines or restrictions you would want renters to know and follow when it comes to the use of your bike. 
  • Enter pick-up instructions like where your bike is located and/or how to find it in a busy or difficult location. You may also choose to add extra details about what is expected at pick-up from your renter. NOTE: Pick-up instructions are only visible to your renters who are approved to rent your bikes.
  • Enable Book Instantly if you allow renters to book your motorcycle without your approving their trip request.