How do I set the daily availability for my motorcycle?

When you list your motorcycle, you’ll be able to set your working hours availability when you reach Step 7 of the Bike Listing process. Otherwise, to set or modify your working hours availability, go to My Bikes and go to Active Listing, click on “Edit Details” next to the motorcycle you want to modify, click on Step 7 – Availability

If you are on a mobile device, after clicking on “Edit Details”, you will need to click the “Save and Continue” button until you reach Step 7.  

If you have more than one motorcycle, and you may need to change working hours for all of your bikes. 

Setting your working hours availability 

We’ll automatically set your working hours availability from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM every day. You can change your working hours availability at any time by setting the hours you’re available during each day of the week. You’ll only receive trip requests that start and end within the times you set. Whatever working hours availability you set for a motorcycle, we’ll only apply to that vehicle listing. 

If you are not available on a day of the week, click on the checkbox “Not Available for Pickup/Drop-off” next to the day of the week that you do not wish to accept the trip request. We’ll block that day on the booking calendar indefinitely. 

Click “Save and Continue” to save the setting for this listing. 

Setting Calendar Availability 

We’ll give you the option to block specific days due to holidays, emergency matters or bike service days. To mark a day(s) unavailable, click on a date(s) on the calendar. You will see a pop-up to confirm your selection and a prompt to select the reasons. 

Click “Save and Continue” to save the setting for this listing. 

Learn more about the calendar availability tool and what’s the difference between “Not available for pickup/drop-off” and “My bike is not available” in this article

Setting Min/Max Availability 

Set the min and max rental days you would accept for a booking by selecting the drop-down menu of the minimum number of rental days and the maximum number of rental days.

Click “Save and Continue” to save the setting for this listing. 

NOTE: If you only offer “hour pricing” for your motorcycle only, you can ignore the min/max availability.