How do I set the rental price for my vehicle?

If you are a first-time lister and are listing a new motorcycle, you can set your own price when you reach Step 6 of the Bike Listing process. Otherwise, open your Dashboard, choose My Bikes, select the “Active” tab on the left to list all active bikes, click on the “Edit Details” button next to the vehicle listing you want to modify and click on Step 6 - Price Details on the stepper. 

If you are on a mobile device, after you click on “Edit Details”, you will need to click “Save and Continue” until you reach Step 6. 

We offer 3 different pricing options for you to choose from: daily pricing, hourly pricing and both daily + hourly pricing. 

Setting your daily listing price 

To set a daily rate, simply enter the daily rate next to the Currency drop-down. We opt all new listings into automatic multi-day discount 4-6 days for 12%, 7-13 days for 18%, 14-20 days for 24% and 21+ days for 30%. You can modify the discount percent or remove the discount if you don’t want to. 

NOTE: Multi-day discount is only compatible with the daily pricing option. 

Setting your hourly listing price 

To set hourly pricing, you will need to set the turnaround time in hours and minutes for your vehicle. This option will give you extra time to prepare and clean up your motorcycle to be ready for the next trip. 

We offer 8 different packages: 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, 10 hours and 12 hours. You can select as many packages as you wish and enter the price for each package. 

NOTE: The system will not let the renter book at the time that will result in returning your motorcycle after the working hours that are set up in vehicle availability.  

Setting both daily + hourly pricing

This option requires you to set the daily price and hourly price. You can reference the setup for daily pricing and hourly pricing above. 

NOTE: Offering both daily and hourly pricing will allow renters to rent your motorcycle per day or per hour, not both.