Starting Guide for Renters


  • Start off by choosing your riding location (i.e. City, Airport, or Place) and search for a motorcycle. You can adjust the trip dates and times to suit your plans. If your trip is flexible, you might have more options if you adjust the pick-up dates/times. 
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  • Filter by vehicle types, vehicle makes, and models to narrow down your search. 
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  • Once you find the perfect motorcycle, you’re ready to book.


Once you've selected a motorcycle, you’ll be able to see its full listing details. On the bike listing page, you’ll find detailed information about the motorcycle: seat height, length, weight, power, fuel capacity, and other technical details. 


  • Choose your trip’s start and end. Your trip’s cost is based on the trip length and other factors. Changing the start and end times might change the overall cost of your trip. 
  • You can only book one motorcycle at a time. If you have already submitted a request for a set of dates, you can’t book a new trip that overlaps with any of those dates.   
  • You can always arrange trip changes with your owner later. 


  • This is the approximate location where you pick up and return (drop off) the motorcycle.
  • Once your trip is confirmed, the detailed pick-up/drop-off location will be available to you.


  • We’ll show you any discounts that have been applied to the vehicle’s price per day for your trip. We’ll also show you any travel credit once entered at the checkout page.


  • This tells you how many miles are included in your entire trip.
  • We’ll also list how much you have to pay for any excess distance you drive.



  • We offer free cancellation depending on how far in advance you’ve booked the trip to be considerate of both. 
  • We’ll note when your free cancellation period ends.  
  • Find more details here


  • We work to make sure the best hosts and motorcycles are available. 
  • We’ll show you the details about your host, so you can get to know them. You can also select their profile to get even more information. 


  • If your host offers Extras, you’ll see them listed here. Hosts can offer a variety of Extras, like helmets, jackets, phone mounts, and so on.


  • If your host has any guidelines or restrictions, they’ll write them in the listing.


  • We won’t charge you just yet. 
  • This page gives you the full breakdown of the trip details and price. 
  • You’ll be able to add Extras, select a protection plan, and any additional add-ons.
  • To submit your request, just select "CONFIRM AND BOOK". This is when you’ll be charged for the trip. 
  • With EagleShare coverage we collect a $1,000 deposit for your rental, without coverage we require a $2,000 deposit. Commercial owners with their own insurance might have different security deposit requirements.
  • This deposit is collected at the time of motorcycle pick-up and refunded back to you after your trip ends without any incidents.



1. New Booking Received!

If the motorcycle you booked does not accept bookings instantly, You'll need to wait for the owner to accept/decline the booking request first. You may go to My Trips to find the booking, then click on the trip which will take you to the details page of that trip.

Once your owner takes action, we’ll notify you by text message, email, and inbox notification.

If your owner doesn’t respond or declines your trip request, we’ll help you rebook quickly with a similar motorcycle from a trusted owner. If we can’t find a replacement you’re happy with or if you decide not to rebook, you will not be charged. 

2. New Booking Accepted!

Once your booking request is accepted, then the next step is for you to complete the check-in! Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your trip with added fees! You need to create an EagleShare account to finish the check-in. 

You can go to the Check-In page to complete the Check-In.

3. Check-In Completed!

Once you have completed the check-in, then the next step is to verify your ID.

4. Verify Your Renter's ID

  • If the motorcycle you booked is set up to be covered with our EagleShare Insurance Policy and you decided to purchase an insurance package at the time of booking, then this process will be automatic with our system. We will screen the information that you submitted to us. We might need you to submit additional information or photos to complete the verification. 
  • If the motorcycle you booked is set up to be covered with our EagleShare Insurance Policy and you decline to purchase an insurance package at the time of booking, then you will need to provide the information of your own insurance during the check-in process. Your owner needs to verify and screen your ID. They can accept your booking by waiving liability with EagleShare or decline your booking if they choose not to waive liability.

5. Your Booking is Now Confirmed!

At this step, your booking is now confirmed and we've shared the bike's location with you. You're all set to get ready for your pick-up.


  • Before the trip start, you can change your trip by clicking "MAKE A CHANGE" on top of the Trip Details page. 

  • Click "Edit" and select the new Pick-up/Drop-off date and time. 


  • Bring your permanent driver’s license when you come to pick up the motorcycle. 
  • Your host cannot give you the motorcycle if you don’t present them with a valid driver's license. 
  • When you meet with your host, they will validate your driver's license, take pictures of it, and will document the condition of the motorcycle by taking pictures from all angles. 

NOTE: Your host will send you the rental agreement contract for you to review and sign.  You must review and sign the rental agreement contract after you've received it in order for your booking to become a valid rental.

  • Your host has taken photos of the motorcycle's current condition. Be sure to review them and ensure any signs of pre-existing damage, scratches, wear and tear conditions are visible. You can add additional photos for documentation.
  • We want your EagleShare experience to be as safe and enjoyable as possible, but on rare occasions, a motorcycle may not be safe for riding. Please review the Safety Check Inspection to determine if the motorcycle is safe for riding.

  • Please review the mileage and fuel level. 

  • Make sure you provide your signature at the end of the agreement and inform the host to start the trip.


  • If the motorcycle seems unsafe, or something doesn’t seem right, please report it to your host before you take possession of the motorcycle!
  • If you’re running late because of a flight delay or an emergency, let your host know ahead of time and request a trip change if necessary. 
  • If at any time, your host cancels your trip, we’ll notify you so you can book a new motorcycle. 
  • If you and your host can’t come to an agreement, EagleShare can help you cancel your trip and find a new motorcycle.


  • Be proactive about reporting tickets or tolls.
  • Be sure to report any damage or accidents.
  • You should read our Prohibited uses policy.
  • If you have a roadside issue during your trip, we can send roadside assistance to help you.
  • You should use our "Report an Issue / Claim" option found on your trip details page if you encounter any issues during your rental period.



  • If you need to keep the motorcycle for longer than planned, submit a trip modification request. 
  • Similarly, if you want to return the motorcycle early, you must request a trip modification. Hosts must approve any changes to a trip via the EagleShare system in order for them to be valid. You may be charged for any additional usage if you bring the motorcycle back later than the scheduled return time. 
  • Replace the fuel. Your motorcycle must be returned with the same level of fuel and in the same condition as when the trip started. 
  • Check the motorcycle for damage and take pictures to document the motorcycle’s condition post-trip. If you don’t take pictures, you may be held liable for damage reported by your owner. Things can happen between trips, so it’s important we have details about how you left the motorcycle. If there’s a reimbursement dispute, you’ll need photos as proof.


  • You’ll be able to leave a review about your trip and your host will also be able to review you as a renter. 
  • If we charged a security deposit, we’ll issue a refund for the deposit 72 hours after the trip ends. You should see the funds back in your account at least 3–5 business days after that. 
  • You may be asked to reimburse the host for an incidental cost from the trip.
  • If you dispute a reimbursement request or a damage claim, we’ll ask you to provide supporting documentation. This most likely includes photos of the motorcycle at the end of the trip. We’ll review all documentation to make a determination. 
  • If you or your host has reported vehicle damage, a member of our Claims team will contact you.

If at any time you’re unsure what to do or simply need help, you can contact us. We’re happy to answer your questions. We recommend you browse through the rest of the Help Center and look over our Terms of Service and Renter's Terms before you start your trip.