How do I start the pick-up process with my renter?

Before starting the pick-up, the following conditions must be met:

  • The booking is Confirmed.
  • Your renter has Checked In.
  • The current time is within 4 hours from the scheduled pickup time (trip start time).
  • You and your renter are both present in front of each other.

Booking Details Page

You will find the button named "Start Pick-up" once the above conditions have been met on the booking details page. If you aren't sure how to reach the details page of the booking you are about to pick up, follow these steps:

  • The quickest way to access the booking details page is through the set of emails you would have received regarding your booking and by clicking on the "Booking Details" button.
    Else, continue with the below set of instructions.
  • Log In to your EagleShare account.
  • Once logged in, click on your name that appears on the side menu button if you are on a desktop. If you are on a mobile device, click on the "person" icon near the top right of the screen.
  • Then click/tap on "Dashboard". This will take you to your EagleShare Dashboard.
  • Next, click/tap on "Bookings", then from the list, choose the booking you are looking to pick up by clicking on "View Details".
  • You are now on the details page of your booking and should be able to see the button "Start Pick-up" and click on it.
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Start Pick-up

The Pick-up process requires both yourself (the host) and your renter to complete the following steps.

Once you have clicked on the "Start Pick-up" button, you will be greeted with a screen describing helpful tips and notices before entering the pick-up process. Please read the information presented on this screen, carefully and understand what is expected during the pickup process. 

Here are some helpful tips and reminders when you do the pick-up:

  • Ensure that the renter presents their driver's license in person to you for verification.

  • Document the condition and safety of the bike. If you don't take pictures, you may be held liable for damage that occurs during the rental period. Things can happen between trips, so it's important we have details about how you left the bike.

  • Only hand over your keys once your renter has signed the Rental Agreement Contract and you feel confident in your renter's ability to handle your bike. Also, if the renter is not in a condition to ride the motorcycle (for example, intoxicated) don't hand over your keys!

NOTE: Your renter must review and sign the rental agreement contract after you've sent it to them in order for your booking to become a valid rental.

1. Rider Identity Verification

  • Start by verifying that the primary renter's identity and information that they submitted at check-in, are correct and valid. You will also need to take a photo of the FRONT of the primary renter's driver's license, and a photo of the FRONT of the primary renter holding their driver's license next to their FACE.
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  • Once the information is correct, valid and you've taken the requested photos, you can then APPROVE the verification.
  • If the information is not correct, or something is not valid in the submitted documents (i.e. Driver's License is expired or No Motorcycle Endorsement), then you can REJECT the verification. You will then be given a list of options to choose from that will allow you to cancel this booking and not proceed any further to prevent the risk of your motorcycle being involved in an incident or allow the renter to go back through the check-in process to update their information.

2. Upgrades & Extras

  • If your rider would like to purchase upgrades and extras, you'll be able to do this here. Any upsell or extras that you offer will be available for your renter to add-on to their trip and the appropriate charges and balance will automatically update.

If there is a balance after making a change, your renter will be responsible for paying this balance after you've sent the Pickup Agreement Contract to them to sign. Please do not hand over your keys until the contract is signed and the balance has been paid.

If there is a refund credit due after making a change, your renter will be able to choose their method of receiving this refund after you've sent the Pickup Agreement Contract to them to sign. Please do not hand over your keys until the contract is signed and the renter has chosen their method of refund.

3. Bike Pre-Ride Inspection

  • This is where you will document your motorcycle's current condition. A minimum of 6 images are required - front, rear, left side, right side, VIN, and odometer. You may take as many photos as needed to ensure full documentation of all existing conditions is recorded such as scratches, dents, pre-existing damage, etc. 

Things can happen between trips, so it's important we have details about how you left the bike.

4. Bike Safety Check Inspection

  • At this step, you will be shown a checklist of items needed to determine the safety and roadworthiness of the motorcycle. It is important that you inspect all the "required" items listed on the Safety Check and record the correct values as either PASS or FAIL.
  • If any "required" safety item FAILS, the bike should not be rented and you should cancel the booking. 

Do not rent a motorcycle that has failed the safety check and/or is not safe for your renter to ride.

5. Enter Current Mileage and Fuel Level

  • After the motorcycle has PASSED the Bike Safety Check Inspection, you will then be able to enter the mileage and fuel level.

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6. Rider Review And Sign

  • You will then send the bike pre-ride inspection photos, safety check inspection, and rental agreement contract to your renter's device to review and sign. After clicking on "Send to Rider's Device", your renter will receive a notification with a link to begin the Pick-up Review on their device. Please ask your renter to check their email (junk folders as well) or chat inbox for the link. 
  • You will then be directed to a screen "Waiting for Signatures". DO NOT LEAVE THIS SCREEN until your renter has finished signing the rental agreement contract.


IMPORTANT: Do not leave this screen and do not hand over your keys until your renter has signed the rental agreement contract. You renter needs to complete the pickup review on their own device and sign the agreement contract in order for your booking to become a valid rental!

7. Your Renter will Review and Sign the Rental Agreement Contract

  • Your renter will receive a link via email and chat inbox to start and complete the pickup review on their device.
  • Your renter is required to do the following:
    • Review the Bike Pre-Rider Inspection Photos and add more photos if they choose so.
    • Validate the Bike Safety Check Inspection.
    • Pay for any balance amount or choose their refund method if applicable.
    • Review and Sign the Rental Agreement Contract. 

8. Start the Trip

  • Once your renter has successfully reviewed and signed the rental agreement contract, your screen will automatically be directed from "Waiting for Signatures" to "Agreement Signed, Final Step". You will then click on the "Start Trip" button on this screen to convert the booking into a valid rental and change the status on the booking from "Confirmed" to "Picked-Up".

Click on "Start Trip", hand over your keys, and your renter will be all set to hit the road.

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