How can I use a rental credit for friends or family members?

1) Go to our Home Page and click on the Sign In button at the top right corner and enter your Login and Password, or log in with your Facebook (whichever you used to join Club EagleRider).

2) Go through the normal booking process and add a friend or family member name in the Rider Name field.

3) The system will automatically apply your Club Member Discount to the rental rate if applicable to the chosen pick-up location.

4) If you have Rental Credits available, the system will automatically apply for all available Rental Credits if you are picking up from a participating location.

5) If you applied for your credits and the system recognized you are looking for someone else, the system will automatically charge a transfer fee (if applicable) per credit used.

NOTE: If you make a group booking, you must choose the option "Pay for each motorcycle separately" in order to pay with Rental Credits.