EagleShare Damage Policy

General Instruction

At the time of the trip, both the owner and the renter should fully walk around and inspect the
motorcycle and agree on any existing damage, as well as the general condition of the
motorcycle. Any damage present at the end of the reservation is presumed to be the
responsibility of the renter, so the renter should clearly photograph and document any
pre-existing damage at the beginning of the reservation.

At the time of return, the owner and renter should do another walk around the vehicle and agree
that the motorcycle was returned in the same condition. If there is any new damage, it is the
renter’s responsibility, regardless of fault. The renter and owner should discuss whether it merits
reporting to us, or if it is sufficiently minor that something can be worked out between the
owner and the renter.

Body & Wheel Damage

Any dent, scratch, chip, or scrape smaller than 1/2” will be considered normal wear and tear. A
scratch must be through the paint (catch a nail) to be considered a scratch, light markings only
will be considered normal wear and tear. Missing paint from levers, and scuffing on the foot
surface of rider and passenger pegs will be considered normal wear and tear.

Seat/Soft Saddle Bag Damage

Cuts, rips, gouges, or punctures due to misuse will be considered damage. Any scratch or scuff
shorter than 1/2” including leather, faux leather, soft plastic materials used for seats, saddle
bags, backrests, tool bags, or other accessory bags are considered normal wear and tear.


Adding, removing, or modifying any part of the vehicle will be considered damage. This includes
removal of baffles or other parts of the exhaust system.

Aftermarket and Custom Parts and Accessories

Any part or accessory on the vehicle that was not installed at the manufacturing factory shall be
considered aftermarket and/or custom and will be subject to a maximum limit of $1000.00
replacement value for the accident.

Prohibited Items

Carrying any flammable, toxic, volatile, poisonous, dangerous, or illegal substances.
Excluded Damage

  • Damage existing as of the start of the rental period
  • Surface wear and tear
  • Deterioration of wear items (handlebar grips, brake pads, tires, oil, and other fluids)
  • Mechanical Failures due to abuse and neglect of the rental. (Exceeding the maximum
    RPMs resulting in engine damage, failure to use clutch resulting in transmission
    damage, riding or slipping the clutch resulting in clutch damage, not monitoring proper
    tire pressure which leads to tire damage/failure, etc.)
  • Excessive tire wear as a result of abuse (burnouts, skidding, etc.)
  • Personal riding gear/apparel. To include helmets, jackets, boots, pants, gloves, and any
    other product designed to protect the rider or passenger in case of an accident or in-climate
  • Other personal effects. Includes a mobile phone, clothing, backpack, or other items not
    related to motorcycle riding.
  • Carrying any pet, except for ADA-approved service animals, without the owner’s explicit consent will be considered damage.


Claims for damage must be made within 24 hours of the end of a rental and must include clear
pre and post-rental photographs showing the condition before and after the trip. Unless the
owner and renter opt to resolve the matter directly, We will appraise the damage by
photograph or physical inspection and issue the payment to the owner.


Any attempt to modify photographs, alter damage, change or fabricate invoices, estimates or
receipts, submit documentation from previous claims, or claim for pre-existing damage will be
denied and may result in a fine or even prosecution.


Vehicles must comply with all laws and regulations regarding safety, condition, and operation
including safety requirements. Tire treads should have at least 50% tread life remaining.
Providing a vehicle that is unsafe, breaks down, or is not as described may result in a fee for
roadside assistance.