EagleShare Commercial Owner Protection Policy

You hereby waive, on behalf of yourself and any affiliated individuals (employees, employers, associates, contractors, or any other related personnel) or entities (whether they be corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, limited liability companies, or otherwise) (collectively, “Affiliates”) any insurance or protection offered through EagleShare to you or any Affiliates, your vehicles, and any renters, authorized drivers of all of the vehicles you list on EagleShare.

By choosing to provide your own commercial rental insurance, you, as the vehicle owner, or an authorized representative acting on behalf of the vehicle owner shall be exclusively responsible for providing rental insurance coverage for any rental transaction of your vehicles through EagleShare. You shall provide the EagleShare renter and authorized drivers with no less than the minimum insurance (liability and/or physical damage) mandated by in your region.

By selecting this option, you represent and warrant that you are

  • a licensed commercial rental motorcycle company or are authorized to act on behalf of and bind a commercial rental motorcycle company in connection with listing vehicles on EagleShare;
  • a company, or are authorized to act on behalf of and bind a company, that can offer commercial rental motorcycle insurance to renters.

You acknowledge and agree that you shall receive no protection or coverage by EagleShare or its affiliates, whether that be vehicle damage protection, liability protection, uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, PIP, or any similar coverage or indemnification, roadside assistance, or trust and safety support as part of a booking of your vehicle(s) when you have chosen to provide your own commercial rental insurance.

You shall add EagleShare as an additional insured on all applicable automobile and excess liability policies.

These additional terms replace and supersede any representation made by EagleShare, or those acting on behalf of EagleShare, including but not limited to statements made on the EagleShare website, applications, blog, Terms of Service, FAQs, Policies, emails, and/or marketing materials, concerning insurance and/or protection and roadside assistance otherwise offered to owners and renters.

EagleShare reserves the right to, but does not commit to, satisfy itself that you are, or are acting on behalf of, a licensed commercial rental motorcycle company and have the ability to offer commercial motorcycle rental insurance to renters/drivers of your vehicles. If EagleShare has any concerns in this regard, you hereby agree that EagleShare can automatically, and in its sole discretion, default all of your vehicles back to the Standard vehicle protection package with its associated fees and/or disable your vehicle from the EagleShare platform.