Can I cancel my membership?

Membership is based on each 12-month term. Your subscription will automatically renew on your anniversary date unless you are opt-out by disabling your membership automatic renewal setting before your year is up. You may opt-out of your next membership term by disabling automatic renewal located in your Membership Dashboard.

Once you have completed your 12-month term and have chosen not to renew for an additional term you will have 30 days to utilize any remaining credits, this is considered the 30 day grace period. The drop-off date of the reservation must be on or before the last day of the 30-day Grace Period, which is when membership discounts and credits expire. Charter members will be treated as new members during the 30-day time frame after cancellation or before rejoining.

NOTE: Membership discount will not be applied on reservations made while the membership account is 30-Day Grace Period (Within Grace Period).